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  • Music from Type-303 🫠, Tin Man 🥫 & Hammer 🔨

Music from Type-303 🫠, Tin Man 🥫 & Hammer 🔨

Gig of the Week from Disco Jukebox presents Acid Disco 🪩

Welcome to the CTRL Z Newsletter, companion to the radio show and event series and now Spotify Playlist of the same name.

  • Record of the Week from Type-303 🫠

  • Classic of the Week from Tin Man 🥫

  • One More from Hammer 🔨

  • Gig of the Week from Acid Disco 🪩

Record of the Week

Type-303 - Dacid

With a Type-303 production on Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax label, this was always going to be a must buy and it does not disappoint. Full release on 1st May.

Classic of the Week

Tin Man - Falling Acid

Classic Tin Man from 2006, with heavy Larry Herd vibes on that bass line.

One More

Hammer - Roman Bass (feat. Sandhya)

Big tune in the early days of the radio show during lockdown. This one has a laid back feel to it, with a vocal that has always reminded me of Voodoo Ray.

Gig of the Week

Disco Jukebox presents Acid Disco

Weekly party, Disco Jukebox has fast become one of the best new nights in London, celebrating everything disco/house.

For this extra special spin off event expect acid/house with classic disco samples and references. The perfect fusion of two of the greatest dance music genres.

See you on the dancefloor at Egg for this one on Saturday 6th May. 🕺

Spotify Playlist

We now have a brand new playlist on Spotify including every tune that’s been featured in the newsletter (where available on Spotify) and will be updated with each issue. Check out the link below to listen.

Radio Show


As always, you can hear the radio show on Wednesdays at 5pm GMT/BST on Underground Kollektiv, Thursdays 5pm GMT/BST on Data Transmission, Saturdays at 11pm GMT/BST on Radio Roadhouse and new episodes hit the podcast every Friday morning.

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